The Old CATV Equipment Museum

Generic Technical Information: Cable Television

Listed in chronological order by original publication date.

    Part Two: How the FSM/SLM Instrument Functions in CATV.
CATJ. November 1974. 7-23.
Note: Parts 1, 3, and 4 are presently unavailable.
Contributed by Lew Chandler

    Complying with Annualized FCC Measurements for 1974/75.
CATJ. November 1974. 24-30.
Contributed by Lew Chandler

    Cable TV: From Community Antennas to Wired Cities
by Thomas R. Eisenmann, associate professor, Entrepreneurial Management unit, Harvard Business School.
Harvard Business School Working Knowldege.   July 2000.

    American National Standard ANSI/SCTE 87-1 2003
Graphic Symbols For Cable Telecommunications Part 1: HFC Symbols

Society of Cable Telcommunications Engineers, 2003

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